4 Interesting Things about the Louvre Museum

Having time to relax and touring the museums cannot be well described without talking about Louvre museum is one of the most exceptional experiences you can have. You will be among the 9.3 million people who will have visited Louvre museum in one year. You will have a chance to view a wide range of masterpieces as well as the antiques which play a significant role it the museum’s popularity. You will also be able to see a wide variety of art galleries due to the vast subjects ranging from 6th century all the way to 19th Century. There are a variety of facts which will interest you which you may not know about Louvre museum.


Louvre museum is the most prominent museum in the world

You will not be in a position to view Louvre museum in a single visit since it is one of the most significant museums in the world. It is estimated that it will take you an average of 100 days to view the arts and antiques in the museum. There are approximately 380,000 pieces of art and antiques that you will be able to see, but this is not all that is present since there are others which are not displayed for public viewing. Since Louvre museum is connected to Tuileries Garden that is termed as the oldest park in Paris’, you will be able to move from the confines of the 16th Century. You will be on the list of the 15,000 visitors who tour Louvre museum every day.


Louvre museum Galleries


You will be able to view a wide range of galleries which contains an average of 7,500 paintings which the French artists did about 66% of these paintings. The galleries at Louvre museum are divided into various departments such as the Greek, Etruscan and the Roman Antiques, sculptures, Decorative Arts, Paintings as well as the Prints and the drawing. If you have been longing to have a view the most famous paintings of Liberty Leading the people done by Eugene Delacroix, you must be willing to visit Louvre museum where it is termed as the most famous painting.


The presence of a glass Pyramid in Louvre museum


Visiting Louvre museum will allow you have access to the glass pyramid which was built in the year 1989. The pyramid is 21 meters high and is solely constructed using glass and also metal which gave it a chance to be the city’s landmark which is highly recognized. You will also learn that the glass pyramid was constructed by a non-French architect who worked on the Louvre.


The presence of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa


People from all walks of life always desire to have a view of the world’s most famous piece of art done. You will be able to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s every time you visit Louvre Museum. You will also learn that Leonardo Da Vinci’s had been stolen in the year 1911 and thus leading to having it protected by bodyguards as well as bulletproof glass. The beauty is as good as using natural oils for headaches.